No wage in ad, don't apply

No wage shown on job ads? Forget applying

The rise of job advertisements without the salary is a worrying trend.

Working in partnership with a woman with deep experience caring for animals in South Australia, we created a cracking resume and cover letter for a management job at a large pet and farm provisions store.

She was short-listed, interviewed and everything was going very well until the end of the interview, when they asked what her salary expectations were.

It wasn’t listed on the PD or advertisement. She said “around $75k”, which she was already making on the farm.

The interview team sighed and said, “unfortunately, we can only offer $60k.”

It’s a classic strategy to drive wages down.

It’s a bizarre strategy because job ads do a lot better if the pay is stated. You also don’t waste the applicants time (which they’ll remember).

If you don’t see the wage advertised or you’re not sure of the Award rate of pay, ring them up.

If there are no contact details and no person you can speak to about the salary and conditions, DON’T APPLY.

If an employer is not straight with you about the money, what else are they hiding?

You’ll note some recruiters advertising contracts do include the hourly rate. Good on them.

This link from JJJ has some good info for younger job seekers.

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