Professional Resume writing services

Questions about our resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services.

Do you ever see clients in person?

Republic Resumes is fully online. All work is done by email.

How long does a resume take to write?

About a week if the client answers the questions within 24 hours. Note I often work weekends.

Why do you ask if I have an old resume to send you in Word?

I can sometimes repurpose that information in a new resume. It may save time and money.

Do you write generic cover letters?

Yes, but they are not as effective as letters tailored for specific jobs.

Why do you need a resume to write a LinkedIn site?

Resumes form the ‘spine’ of a LinkedIn site. The strategy is to create a LinkedIn site that expands on and complements the resume.

What is the best information I can provide so you create a strong resume?

Measurable results over the last seven years such as profit, statistics, KPIs, initiatives with results, commendations, etc.

Do you do university or TAFE student graduation resumes?

No. I don’t write selection criteria either.

Why do you target Adelaide and South Australian residents?

When I worked for the Department of Employment in Canberra, I specialised in employment services in those areas. I know the job markets, major employers and recruiters.

Do you provide advice on job search strategies?


How do I pay you?

Clients pay in advance by bank transfer.