Job sites for women

Women finding part-time work

It is usually women who are in non-standard employment such as part-time work, often to meet the demands of children, sick parents or partners needing extra care.

It appears women put more emphasis on job flexibility than men, an explanation for why it is hard for women to return to the workforce.

Women may even pass up job opportunities in favour of the flexible work conditions they rely on to balance work and family life.

Female job hunters looking for part time work might want to check out Work180 (women), Puffling (women senior roles) and Flexjobs.

These job boards might suit women who have been thrown out of work.

You can also make the major job sites work for you by selecting “work from home” in the location field when searching for a role. (If you’re in an industry that can work remotely, that is.)

This tends to yield more part-time results than you’d otherwise find if you restricted the search to your own city or state.

Many women work part-time or casual in accommodation, hospitality and the arts, and these areas were hit the hardest by the lockdowns.

The government report below gives some compelling facts on women’s economic insecurity.

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