Is this job real?

Fake job scams

When job hunting we don’t think twice about handing over personal information. is full of fake job ads, where your personal information is being sold by fake-job advertisers to companies who then try and talk you into doing a “free” training course, to get the job.

At the moment they are targeting Food Processing, Manufacturing, Horticulture and Hospitality.

They are picking the regions where people are in the most need of work, and in doing that, creating significant harm.

Ever wondered why the same jobs are advertised week after week and never seem to get filled?

Or why there are no call backs or follow-ups, just calls about training from a company you never applied to?

That’s because they now have your resume – your name, your phone number, email address, work history and education history.

Many people will provide more detail thinking this is a real opportunity. Where else is your information going? Who else is it being sold to?

If a job ad doesn’t have a contact phone number or the name of the company, don’t apply.

So what can you do?

Think twice before applying for these jobs that turn up week after week.

Tell as many people as you know so your friends and family don’t get caught.

If you suspect you have applied for a fake job, or spot one, you can click the “report job” link at the bottom of the

You can also report it to the Australian Government Scamwatch

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