Targeted and crafted cover letters

We write persuasive and powerful cover letters

One of my clients told me that my cover letters were like a Muhammad Ali punch. I write ‘killer’ cover letters because it’s my job to get you short-listed. I write cover letters after I’ve completed the resume to an Australian standard.

Targeted, drafted and crafted cover letters

A professional cover letter is targeted, drafted and crafted. It must have punch because it’s the first document an employer or recruiter will read about you. First impressions count. I work in partnership with you and employ the latest persuasive marketing, key word and professional writing techniques.

Unique Sales Proposition in your cover letter

A cover letter emphasises your unique sales proposition and states in clear, grammatically correct English, why you are such a strong candidate for the position. A cover letter is a one page sales document which sells you. Every paragraph contains a well-constructed reason why they should interview you. In a tight job market, setting yourself apart is crucial.

Writing your unique motivation

Every one of my cover letters contains your professional motivation for applying and what you bring to the position. Cover letters which lack professional motivation are boring. That will never do.

A cover letter and resume complement each other. While a resume should include detailed information about your work experience and qualifications, a cover letter is shorter and sharper.

Cover letters for career changers

If you’re planning a career change, I emphasise how your experience and skills transfer to the new job. I’ve written more than 2000 cover letters over the last ten years and they are one of my strongest sales and marketing weapons.