Hard and fast over the plate

Writing a pitch for a Government job

Instead of writing an excruciating selection criteria, some enlightened government departments want you to pitch your achievements on a one or two page submission.

A pitch is your opportunity to tell the hirer why you are the right person for the job with the evidence to back up your claim. It is not enough to say you’ll be great at the job. You need to prove it with evidence.

Why you are interested in the role? What can you offer? Show how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications are applicable to the role.

Introduce your interest in the role and present your case with a tailored and highly relevant opening paragraph.

Include what you can contribute, and how your attributes, skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications will ensure your success in the role. Highlight the specific skills, experience and qualifications they are looking for.

Include several example-based paragraphs to demonstrate and quantify your capability. Below is an example of the Context, Action and Result method (CAR), which recruiters will readily understand.

Context: Add value here by outlining the strategic context of a situation, other players, and any risks, difficulties, challenges.

Action: What did you do to resolve the issue? Ensure you include an appropriate amount of detail and keep the focus on yourself.

Result: Describe the good result and how that impacted on the organisation or team.

In choosing your career stories, focus on examples that are relevant to the job and the level you are targeting. Include the best examples in your pitch.

Use the final paragraph to wrap up by outlining the contribution you could make in the role. It’s also a great opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Put your best foot forward

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