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How do I apply for a job on Seek?

This is a question I frequently get. I’ve pasted some information from Seek below and I’ll include the full link at the end.

If you are looking to apply for a job on SEEK, here are some helpful tips and advice on submitting an application through SEEK:

Found the job and need help applying?

So, you’ve clicked the job you want to apply for. Next step is to click Apply for this job. You may be asked to sign in or register if you haven’t already done so.

Once you’re signed in to SEEK, there are four steps to applying*:

  1. Choose documents (your resume & cover letter)
  2. Answer employer questions
  3. Update SEEK Profile
  4. Review and submit

*Note: Some advertisers send you to their company’s website to complete the application. If this occurs, you will no longer be on the SEEK website and the following steps won’t apply to you.


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