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Video pitches to replace resumes?

There’s a case if you’re young, pretty and handsome for video pitches for jobs. Don’t get me started on recruiter bias. Will they replace resumes? Maybe. The world of narrative is quickly disappearing. I’ve edited this story down. You can read the full story here.

“Aussie startup Zapid Hire is bringing the TikTok trend into recruitment, replacing lengthy online processes and traditional resumes with short-form videos.

Within just eight months, it’s attracted 300 businesses, and according to co-founder and chief executive Andrew Dewez, this is just the beginning.

Job hunters can swipe on the roles they’re interested in and respond with their own short view resumes.

Initially, the pair built the tool to speed up their own hiring processes. Since using the platform, the chain has decreased its no-show rate for interviews by about 35%, and is able to fill positions up to five times faster.

“If you’re going to hire a developer you look at the code they write. If you’re going to hire a designer you look at their portfolio. But if you want to hire someone on the front line you want to look at their personality,” Dewez tells SmartCompany.

“Resumes from Indeed and Seek don’t show off communication and soft skills,” he adds.

The idea is to reduce hiring time for industries such as hospitality, retail, sales and food service.

On average, hiring for these roles takes 32 days, Dewez says. Currently, the average time to hire through Zapid Hire is six days.

Ultimately, the founder believes that can be halved again, getting the right workers into roles within just three days.

Since launching eight months ago, Zapid Hire has onboarded about 300 businesses, including the likes of Betty’s Burgers, Rockpool Dining Group, some Subway and Pizza Hut franchisees, and FunLab, which owns Strike Bowling and Holey Moley indoor golf clubs.

The business is seeing revenue growth of 60-80%, month-on-month, Dewez says. When lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne start to ease, he expects to see that pick up considerably.

Gen Z and young millennial applicants have also become very accustomed to the user experience of short video content.

“We wanted to give them something they were used to, not these outdated systems.”

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