Reviews are our testimonials

The joys of reviews

Every now and then, when we’ve gone the extra 1000 kilometres for a client and crafted a unique resume within the quoted fee, we may ask for a Google or Facebook review.

It shows prospective clients we’re not backyard shonks, who cut and paste text and use predesigned templates.

One curious phenomena is the sometimes reluctance of the professional class in Adelaide to leave a review or to even acknowledge they’ve received the final resume in Word and as a PDF.

It’s curious because their resumes take the most work. They often require significant research and consultation.

I reckon they don’t want their current or future employer to know they had the help of a professional resume writer. Even though in my case, I work with employers and employer groups.

First of all, I don’t write resumes by myself. How could I possibly write a chemical engineer’s resume without forming a partnership with the client?

Secondly, in the history of Republic (started in Adelaide in 2008), no employer has ever searched through our online reviews, and contacted an applicant who used our services. NEVER.

It’s curious because we may be directly responsible for getting you a job and all of the benefits that flow from that. Worth a Google or Facebook review? I’ll leave that with you.

Put your best foot forward

Malcolm builds expert resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which unleash an unbeatable business case to promote you as a ‘must have’ asset to an employer.