Wasting their time and ours

Stating the cruel truth

Breaking deadlines seems to be an Adelaide phenomenon.

Sure, clients in Sydney sometimes break deadlines but in Adelaide, it’s a disease.

The cruel truth is people who break deadlines tell us by their actions or lack of action, that the employment document is not very important. They’ve got better things to do.

I know the feeling. I’d rather be eating, swimming and sleeping than chasing up clients for information.

We warn prospective clients by email and by individually attaching the terms and conditions, that we terminate deadline breakers.

We know the profile of the deadline breaker, and it’s not hopeful.

They are not focused, can’t think objectively about why deadlines are important, and don’t care much about professionalism.

Some clients think resume writers are miracle workers but by missing deadlines, they show they are not up to bettering themselves.

They are wasting their time and ours.

Put your best foot forward

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