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Adelaide youth – stay or go?

I wrote this story a couple of years ago for Adelaide’s young people. As a resume writer and employment services expert, I monitor the state of the SA economy and getting a good job in Adelaide as a teen or in your 20s, can very tough.

Should you stay in Adelaide or go? Working or studying interstate or overseas isn’t for everybody.

You leave your friends and family but in doing so, you get new skills and capabilities that Adelaide stayers can only dream of.

This makes you ‘dangerous’ because when you return – if you return – you’ve acquired national or international standards, making you more qualified than those doing the hiring.

Even so, Adelaide will need your experience in the years to come and here’s why.

The following statistics are ‘spin free’. The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) under-utilisation of labour rate adds the number of unemployed and the under employed people.

In SA, that’s about 17.9 per cent (trend) or 156,000 people of the 815,000 people in the state’s labour force. This figure is on the rise.

The number of hidden unemployed – those who have given up looking for work – is around 30,000 people, mostly males. This is an economic disaster.

Add to that another 30,000 women who have been thrown out of casual work.

For 40 years Liberal and Labor governments in SA did nothing to educate the public on why and how the economy needed to change.

Every government lie, every contorted truth, is being visited upon a confused and increasingly angry citizenry, who have found a flimsy shelter in parochialism.

Should young people stay or go? It’s a no-brainer.

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