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Ring any bells Adelaide job hunters?

These are recent quotes from Reddit from Adelaide job hunters. I know the Adelaide job market. The solution is to contact Republic Resumes.

“I worked for five years previously, got a uni degree with honours plus 10 years of volunteer work. I have spent the past year job searching and haven’ t even got an interview. I only last week I got a job because the Dad of a kid I know does the hiring for a warehouse, a job that is 1.5 hours away but by I will take it over Centrelink. Even during the interview process he told me I was overqualified for the job. Only way around getting work here is nepotism…”

“It was hard for me to find a job last year when my role was made redundant. Was unemployed for almost half a year. Countless applications and rejections for jobs I felt I was well qualified to do… Spent time to write individual cover letters for each one and customising everything. If you struggle, you’re not alone. In the same week after interviews, I was rejected for a roles for 60k-90k and offered a job for ~120k. In the process, I was also rejected for jobs in my previous industry which I spent 10 years in. Right now, I am just grateful for not being in career limbo.”

“The Adelaide job market is fxxxxd, so many jobs listed that I believe are fake – when I was looking last year I saw many jobs being re advertised every other month, exact same info. So many applications with nothing heard back. The only places that seemed to actually be hiring for full time were call centres … been there, done that.”

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