Don't get culled by ATS

Resume scanners and scammers

While recruiters make much of applicant tracking systems, at a guess, 60 per cent of resumes in Adelaide are still hand read.

There have been issues with scanning software which uses deep-learning neural networks, or dense text representations (word embeddings).

Even so, if you’re getting your resume done, ensure that the writer knows what they’re talking about and uses key words in context with the grammatical sense of the sentence.

Send the document as a Docx rather than a PDF.

For an elementary introduction to ATS, Seek has done a fairly good job here.

With high under-employment comes the scammers. Unless you’re an executive, most resumes in Adelaide will cost between $150-$250.00. In Sydney, you’ll pay above $200.00.

Cover letters cost around $120.00 (one page) and LinkedIn sites cost about the same.

We had two clients just starting their careers who were each quoted $320 and $350.00 to do a simple, graduate resume. Rip offs abound!

I’m shameless when it comes to bragging about Google reviews. Here is a five star review that a client wrote.

“An amazing professional and expert in his field. As a TAFE graduate and career changer, I looked for professional resume writers. Some asked skyrocketing prices and others had no reviews. I found Republic Resumes because of the good reviews. Malcolm replied in 15 minutes after my first request. Very prompt, professional and helpful. The instructions were easy to follow and the price was extremely good and 100% worth it. For the next 3 days we had multiple communication going on with Malcolm redrafting my resume again and again until it was perfect. During the process, I felt extremely valued and Malcolm was very helpful and eager to do his best to help me. I was surprised when he picked up such small details from my studies and previous work experience that I could not even think about. I cannot thank you more, Malcolm, for such a great job . Will definitely be recommending you to everyone who is looking for a job, planning a career change or upgrading their resume. Many thanks, Olena.”

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