Professionalism is the rule

Responding to emails and meeting deadlines

We sometimes get prospective clients who don’t reply to our emails within 24 hours. They either won’t send their old resume or respond to an assessment and quote.

The reasons are various but it often means they’re not in a hurry or they don’t regularly check their email. We know from experience, if they do come onboard, they break deadlines.

It’s a business decision to not proceed with prospective clients or clients who don’t respond to our emails within 24 hours. That includes prompt payment.

We’re former senior recruiters, journalists and professional writers, who work closely with recruiters and employers.

We have heavy demand from job seekers who are highly motivated to get a new resume or an upgraded resume. They want a job or a promotion and they check their emails everyday. We fight hard for them.

If a prospective client fails to respond within 24 hours or breaks deadlines without notification, we terminate immediately. Why?

  1. It shows he or she can’t manage their time.
  2. It shows getting a job is low on their list of priorities.
  3. It disrespects the writer.
  4. It attacks our business model.
  5. It wastes time we could have spent helping people who are desperate to get a job.

Put your best foot forward

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