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More resume key words and clauses

Here are a few more ‘tricks’ which may help you get short listed, especially if recruiters use scanners.

Try using key words and clauses. In a resume, you’d expect to include three or four of these.


These are the skills that help you interact and get along with others – including co-workers, customers and clients.

Co-operation: being able to work well with others and effectively contribute to projects or tasks.

Empathy: putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to try and understand or relate to them.

Patience: the ability to handle trying situations, repeat processes when necessary, take time to make thoughtful decisions, accept delays or persevere.

Flexibility: willingness to adapt to a new situation or change approach when needed.


Effective leaders can motivate their team and make decisions, which are things almost any successful business needs.

Prioritisation and delegation: being able to step back from the coalface and decide what needs to be done first, and determining which jobs are necessary and who can best handle them.

Critical thinking and problem solving: looking at problems, analysing them and coming up with solutions.

Coaching, mentoring and feedback: supporting and encouraging people to achieve goals, helping them work through roadblocks, plus providing feedback and information on performance.

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