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Key word and clause resume tips

As an Adelaide resume writer, I know a few tricks which may help you get short listed, especially if recruiters use scanners. Try using key words or terms. We list them as clauses in a section we call Professional Capabilities on the first page and throughout the resume.

Only list those that apply to you – NOT ALL OF THEM. In a resume, you’d expect to include four or five of these areas. Here are a couple of key areas:


These are the skills that help you to plan, prepare, and get things done in the workplace.

Time management: managing your own time to get the job done. Especially useful in fast-paced work environments.

Research and analytics: researching and collecting data, analysing, reporting on findings and making recommendations.

Administration and clerical: efficiently handling tasks like filing, paperwork and communications including phone or email, plus managing calendars and appointments.

Financial management: developing and managing budgets, keeping financial records, fundraising or project managing.

Sales and marketing: marketing and selling a product or service, or influencing behaviour.

Creative thinking: generating new ideas and coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

Planning: managing yourself, others and available resources with a goal in mind, and creating plans for projects or events.

Technology or digital literacy: being able to use and quickly adapt to new technology, programs or tools.


Workplaces rely on communication for things to run smoothly, so skills you have here will be a benefit to them.

These skills can be used when communicating within your team or company, as well as externally – for example, to customers.

Writing: it’s any kind of interaction that involves the written word, such as reports, emails, letters, sales materials and articles.

Face-to-face: communicating in person, including facilitating meetings, interviewing, persuading, negotiating, expressing ideas plus speaking in public or to groups.

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