Hit those deadlines

Professionalism and client interaction

We pass on more jobs than we write as we focus on professionalism and client ‘good fit’.

When prospective clients first contact us, we ask them to send their current or old resume within 24 hours.

We know from experience if they don’t, there’s a high probability they will break our deadlines. They’re not right for us and we’re not right for them.

We also terminate an enquiry if prospective clients are late accepting the quote or don’t pay the account on time.

The reason is we have have a line of desperate people waiting to get a job or a promotion. That’s why they come to us. They want help NOW.

I advise prospective clients to first look at the fees page on the website before debating a quote. Our fees are highly competitive.

Hiring someone to write your career biography to get a job which will pay $60K, $90K or $150K, isn’t like hiring a plumber.

We write one resume and one cover letter per job, as we haven’t got time to write multiple resumes. Pick one job and focus on that.

Put your best foot forward

Malcolm builds expert resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which unleash an unbeatable business case to promote you as a ‘must have’ asset to an employer.