Job agency and training rorts abound

Job agencies: show me the money!

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Meanwhile, the new $1.3bn-a-year Workforce Australia program has hit a few serious snags. Greedy job agencies are punishing job seekers. They rarely help them. This story is from The Guardian.

A 62-year-old is the latest jobseeker to complain about the new baffling mutual obligations he must fulfil.

Despite informing his job agency that he was unable to attend appointments because he was working full-time hours for a labour hire firm 10am to 6pm each weekday, David said he was continually being hassled by his provider, at Work Australia.

He got bombarded with text messages telling him he had face-to-face appointments to attend, as well as voice-mail messages asking him to contact the organisation.

A department spokesperson said people should not be asked to give up work due to their mutual obligations.

Yet at the same time, the department has determined that provider appointments are “core” compulsory requirements” which sit outside the “points-based activation system”.

Under the social security system, jobseekers can remain in the Centrelink system while not receiving payments due to excessive income from work.

This gives them access to benefits such as a low-income health care card, even while they are not receiving a fortnightly social security payment.

Remaining connected to Centrelink is crucial for David, as it means his jobseeker payment will kick in if his hours of work are cut in the future.

Welfare compliance is currently suspended as part of transition arrangements initiated by the government, though they resume next month.

The whole of employment services including job agencies and recruitment in Australia needs to be overhauled.

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