Dumb and dumber

The ASIO resume blog reply

Yesterday’s blog is one of my all-time favourites because it tells so much about the resume writing industry and unfortunately, some clients.

ASIO – Australia’s frontline intelligence service – really wants applicants to write their own resume and selection criteria.

Getting someone else to do it is seen as highly dodgy. If they find out – which they will – the client is GONE.

This applies to all of Australia’s intelligence forces and state police services.

The job seeker was a lawyer who filed a 136-page complaint with the Victoria Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). That might tell you something about her.

The resume was ‘littered with errors’. But the client only found this out after she sent it off without checking it, because she was going away on a holiday. Up there for thinking.

Who doesn’t check a job application to Australia’s premier security organisation?

The resume company had listed the wrong name on the application and had called ASIO, ASIC – the acronym for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The resume company had also stuffed up the selection criteria.

How can a third party write a confidential selection criteria using demonstrated career examples for someone else? You can’t.

The resume company and the client deserved each other

In a case of curious timing, ASIO is now looking to recruit staff.

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