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Age prejudice – you’re too old

As an Adelaide resume writer, I help clients fight age prejudice by employing the latest in resume writing and interview techniques.

It ain’t easy but I’ve had some remarkable successes. Such as:

“After many unsuccessful applications I contacted Malcolm to assist in redesigning my resume and cover letters. He provided a quality, professional service with very quick responses. As an older job seeker, the results were immediate with several interview offers which resulted in a job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Malcolm to anyone looking to create or update their resume. Thanks Malcolm!” Allan Stenson

Why if older people have so much experience and wisdom to offer, is ageism still such a stumbling block? I asked that question 15 years ago and not much has changed.

It’s prejudice by recruiters and employers.

Dr Williams from Melbourne University studies the relationship between age and the labour market.

“Older individuals are being judged without reference to their personal abilities and qualities,” Dr Williams said in Fairfax press recently. “Assumptions are made because they are seen to be part of a particular group, like the assumptions based on race or sex.”

Dr Williams said ageism is a social and economic problem. In 2017, 15 per cent of the Australian population was over 65. In 1977 it was 9 per cent.

“An ageing society, cannot afford to neglect or undervalue the capacities of its older citizens, who represent a growing share of our population.”

As she points out in a paper published in the Australian Journal of Public Administration, there is no single solution. That’s because there’s not a single form of discrimination we need to solve.

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