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Time wasters and non-payers terminated

Every now and then we get a client who says, after we have started work on their resume:

“Put this on hold and I’ll get back to you later.”

“This is hard. I have to think. I thought you’d do all the work.”

A personal favourite is to tell us the job closes in three days when we know the application deadline is two weeks away.

Another gem is people who don’t pay their account by the due date.

These people are not ready to work with professional writers.

They’re also not ready for the workforce.

I’ve vented my ire before on this blog about deadline breakers and time wasters.

I’ve changed Republic’s terms and conditions, to terminate time wasters and non-payers on the spot.

This behaviour is weird because for every semi-skilled job in Adelaide and Sydney, there are around 500 applications.

For every skilled professional position (depending on the industry), there are about 150 applications.

Applications for the Australian Public Service can go in to the thousands, depending on the position or area.

Mercifully, time wasters are by far in the minority but they take up valuable time, which could have gone to desperate and worthy job seekers.

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