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Spring best time to look for a job

Job postings hit a peak in Spring in Australia. There are more job searches in January than any other time of the year and December is the slowest for both job postings and job searches.

The number of job vacancies in Australia is fairly steady for most of the year but there are greater opportunities in certain months.

Jobs Board Indeed found that Spring is the best time to look for new work as there is a large gap in activity between employers and job hunters.

Job postings are at their highest — meaning there are plenty of opportunities for work – and competition for work is at one of its lowest points for the year.

This is in part driven by the retail and hospitality sectors, which begin hiring for Christmas casuals during this time.

The number of job posts for holiday casual roles typically peaks in September.

This peak can also be attributed to timing within the financial year.

In the first quarter of the new financial year, hiring managers have more clarity and flexibility around budgets and are more likely to make new hires.

And from a job hunter point of view, many are waiting to see out the end of the year and then look for a new job in January.

Unfortunately everyone else has the same idea while employers are least likely to post their jobs early in the new year in the mistaken belief that everyone is on holidays.

As a result, January is when employers have access to the biggest talent pool.

Job hunting activity is at its highest in January as people are determined to turn a new leaf and finding a new job is among the common pledges made for New Year’s Resolutions.

For both employers and job hunters, taking advantage of these critical times in the year can give you the best possible chance in finding your best match.

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