Avoid like Covid-19

Shonks masquerading as Adelaide resume writers

It’s the first day of winter and what better way to start it than to call out shonks who cut and paste slabs of meaningless text into resumes and cover letters and charge their clients for it.

Below are the first two paragraphs of a cover letter of a so-called Adelaide CBD resume writing business.

“I am a proactive and competent professional who delivers services to the highest standard and thrive in diverse and fast-paced environments. I bring over 20 years of employment history within administration, accounting, IT, sales and customer service settings. My experience and years of training, together with my personal drive to succeed, have all served to make me highly efficient and productive in my roles. Moreover, I have the ability to utilise the right blend of my skills to effectively accomplish assigned responsibilities.

 “My approach to this position would go beyond what is expected, I am consistently studying and analysing processes to support the objectives of the organisation. I am also developing improvements and collaborating with my team members to enhance organisational performance and productivity as well as service quality and efficiency. As a natural and experienced communicator, I am very good at facilitating clear communication between concerned parties in a business activity. I am very keen to contribute to the growth of your organisation by utilising my skills and engaging into personal and professional advancement.”

This turgid crap needs to be called out. There are no facts or figures. No attempt to even convince the employer that the client has the experience to do the job.

“My approach to this position would go beyond what is expected.”

Utter meaningless pap. Avoid like Covid-19 and the Flu.

Republic Resumes is doing so well, we received a call from a resume writing business masquerading as a prospective client. He didn’t ask about our services.

He just wanted to know how many clients we complete a week! I take that as a compliment.

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