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Resume writing robots?

I suppose this spam email I got may be the shape of things to come in professional and news writing:

“I wanted to tell you about our new AI which is shaping the future of artificial intelligence writing. With a few words from you our AI can write video scripts, blog articles, website content, marketing material, effective social media ads and sales emails in over 26 languages – and that’s just naming a few things! I’m confident it’s going to save you a lot of time and help you with your content creation. Patricia Matson, Global AI Technologies”

I’m not greatly interested at the moment.

The reason is the fickle nature of humans. No machine can understand the contradictory nature of love and hate, of propaganda and persuasion, to name just a few. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, ‘we contain multitudes’ and none of it can be replicated by artificial intelligence.

I wrote this for the SMH some years ago:


I was looking whether robots could write fiction. In short, the answer was ‘no’. But one day…

As for resumes, I reckon they’ll go the way of the department lift operator.

But that’s a few years down the track.

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