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Ngoc Tien Nguyen
Ngoc Tien Nguyen
16:58 31 May 20
Malcolm is a very professional resume expert. He responds to emails promptly and always finish everything on time.... Malcolm also gives me a lot of honest advices and support. He also asked a lot of mind-intrigued questions that give me a clearer view about my career path. Last but not least, he had been able to help me shorten my four-page resume to a career-focused with two pages only along with a wonderful cover more
Erin Carnachan
Erin Carnachan
00:54 17 Feb 20
After googling and researching different companies, I contacted Malcolm to re-write my very old and outdated resume.... Malcolm was quick to respond, gave me an upfront quote and got straight to work. Malcolm worked with me to come up with a professionally written resume that really highlighted my skills and experiences and a cover letter that specifically targeted the job I wanted to apply for. Malcolm has been friendly, professional and efficient. I highly recommend Malcolm from Resume more
T 2020
T 2020
00:07 03 Oct 19
Very prompt, pleasure to deal with. Highly Recommended.. understands how to deliver a quality resume by capturing... career wins in a short and concise more
Natasha Lockett
Natasha Lockett
00:32 28 Sep 19
Malcom was extremely professional and efficient. Yes there are questions you need to provide answers for to Malcom of... course and the quicker you reply to him the quicker your resume is tailored to your needs. Would highly recommend to more
Eliane Lim
Eliane Lim
12:04 27 Sep 19
Great Service! I strongly recommend Malcolm service! He did a fantastic resume for me and I got a job within a month!
Geuel Manaen Manzano II
Geuel Manaen Manzano II
09:44 20 Aug 19
Very professional. Replies promptly. I used the resume he made for my application for Engineers Australia and it... passed. I would recommend him for people who need to update their more
12:35 15 Aug 19
Was so lucky to find these people especially Malcolm. He edited my horrible resume to the top quality written one. He... was also so fast and such professional writer that I could trust 100%. Anyone who needs help with resume writing, I strongly recommend more
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Prepare for behavioural interview questions

As a professional resume writer and communications expert, I’ve got doubts about the scientific validity of behavioural job interview questions but they’re popular and if you’re in the job market, you’ll cop them. Here’s a good insight on behavioural interview questions from the Robert Half recruitment agency.

Behavioural interview questions assume that past behaviour is the best indication of your future behaviour. In asking detailed questions about specific tasks you undertook or experiences you had in a real life setting in prior roles, the employer will try ascertain how you may react in similar situations in the role you are interviewing for.

When you hear the words: “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…”, it’s likely the recruiter is asking you a behavioural interview question.

How to answer behavioural questions

The CAR principle gives you a structured way to respond to the interviewer, by giving Context (describe the background and situation that you were in), Action (describe what action or steps you took) and Result (describe the professional outcomes you achieved).

Q&A example

“Tell me about a time when you were faced with a stressful situation and how you handled it.”

Context: “I was leading a special project team. Our client shifted the deadline forward by two weeks. This had a significant impact on our suppliers. Some could deliver to the new deadline, but others couldn’t.”

Action: “By leveraging the strong relationship that I had developed with my client already, I took the time to understand what was driving him to change the deadline. Once I understood the detail, I realised that I could deliver the project to the client in phases – thus satisfying his needs, and keeping the suppliers happy. I developed a phased delivery plan and proposed this to the client.”

Result: “The client accepted the phased schedule, and we delivered the project on time. The client was very satisfied and we were appointed another new project worth $1 million to the business.”

Three tips to answering behavioural interview questions effectively:

  • Do your research. Find out what skills and behaviours the employer is looking for, and mine your own CV to find examples that you think will demonstrate a good match for the role.
  • Practise the CAR method out loud in advance. If you remind yourself of the acronym while telling your story, you’ll stay on point.
  • Don’t keep referring to the same experience. Arrive at an interview armed with a few different examples that you can adapt according to the different questions asked.

More behavioural interview questions

Communication: Have you ever had to get buy-in from a resistant audience to a project or idea? Tell me how you approached it. Or, tell me about a time when you had to give a team member constructive criticism. How did you go about giving it?

Achievements: Tell me about your greatest career achievement to date. Can you describe what steps led to the outcome? Or, describe a project that you worked on, that led to your professional development.

Leadership: Tell me about a time when you had to lead a project and your other team members weren’t contributing. How did you tackle the situation? Or, describe a time when a team member was under-performing. What did you do?

Analysis: Tell me about a time when you had to analyse information to solve a problem. How did you go about doing it, and what was the result? Or, describe a project that you worked on where you had to take steps to solve a problem. What was the problem and what was the logic you applied to solve it?

Teamwork: Describe a situation where you had to make an unpopular decision. How did you go about communicating it to your team? Or, give me an example where you’ve had to work with someone who you didn’t get along with. How did you approach and resolve the situation?

Put your best foot forward

Malcolm builds expert resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which unleash an unbeatable business case to promote you as a 'must have' asset to an employer.