Time wasters to be billed

No time for losers and timewasters

I write a lot of resumes and cover letters and in busy times, a couple of helpers do the restructuring, formatting and proofing. I do other writing as well.

I’ve changed our terms and conditions to eliminate time wasters and to bill them.

These are clients who can’t explain in full sentences, what they do. They’re not illiterate. They’re just lazy. They want us to do the thinking for them.

But I’ve got people who are so desperate to get a job, they’d kill. They’re so keen, they overwrite. Their enthusiasm leaps off the page.

There’s a minority if clients who are all ‘gung ho’ about wanting a new resume and a targeted cover letter – and then go on holiday for two weeks. WTF?

But I’ve got clients whose marriages on to the rocks because of unemployment and I take on idiots who go on a skiing trip?

I’ve had clients who miss the first deadline by three or four days! You’re not for us. I’ll bill you and terminate the job.

The job market is a gladiatorial contest. The applicant with the best resume and the strongest motivation, wins. The rest are carcasses, swinging in the breeze.

The job market is a tough, no holds barred contest.

Waste my time now and I’ll drop you and bill you.

Put your best foot forward

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