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Nailing video interviews

The COVID-19 era led to a temporary (and in some cases more permanent) vacation of offices nationwide, which has stripped a human element from the recruitment interviewing process.

For job seekers and candidates, video interviews provide a chance to showcase themselves and their abilities in a way that doesn’t come across on a traditional resume.

Examples of video interview questions include:

  • What is your work-from-home set-up like?
  • How do you manage stress and avoid burnout?
  • What will you do in a video call with your team, but some technical issues arise?
  • How do you maintain a good working relationship if everyone is not physically present?
  • What do you do to upgrade and reskill yourself?

In terms of ‘Do’s’:

  • Make the case for why you’d be a strong fit for the role you’re interviewing for, with specific examples, data and anecdotes that demonstrate how your past experience and skill set translates to this role;
  • Talk about what makes you gritty, what drives you, and the challenges that you’ve faced in your life. All of these important factors of what makes you, YOU;
  • Try to keep your responses to the recruiter or hiring managers responses to around 60 seconds where possible. If they need further elaboration, they will ask and
  • Keep your environment looking simple and neat. Sit at your kitchen table, desk, or prop your phone on a bookshelf or table. Make sure your room is well lit, and keep the video from the shoulders up.

For the ‘Don’ts’:

  • Don’t get too personal and overshare when it comes to your story and past experience, that can turn an employer off.
  • Don’t over-respond to a question. Though it can be difficult to squeeze a response into just one minute, remember hiring managers will be interviewing lots of candidates and need the highlight reel given to them in an efficient manner.
  • Don’t get creative with camera angles or filters or place your furry friends into the frame.

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