Jobs and geography

How long it takes to find a job near you?

The ABC’s Gareth Hutchens is writing some first class articles on the unemployment and the labour market. For a resume writer and job seeking blood hound, he’s the man to follow.

That might not crank you on but if you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a job, why people over 45 struggle to get work or why jobs are much more insecure now than 30 years go, he’s your man. I’ve included his first couple of paragraphs but it’s worth hitting the link because it shows on average, how long it takes to get a job depending on where you live.

“ I want to show you something. It has to do with the way politicians talk about the “unemployment rate. They often talk about the unemployment rate like it’s a competition, and they sow confusion by doing so.

“I want to talk about a statistic that politicians should compete over, because it’s far more meaningful for job seekers. It shows how long it’s taking to find a job in Australia at the moment, in different areas of the country.

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