Target specific jobs

Hints when using a resume writer

Most online resume writers don’t live in the cities they claim to be in. They ‘trick’ Google to saying they operate in Adelaide or where ever. Most work out of Sydney or Melbourne – except for Republic Resumes.


When you ask for a writer to produce a cover letter for a specific job, most will use generic blocks of text they have used thousands of times before. That’s why 90 per cent of non-directed, non-specific cover letters fail.

If you want a cover letter, you also need to send the writer the job ad. Successful cover letters are SPECIFIC to the job you are applying for. Dump generic covers.


People ask me what’s the secret of a good resume. Here it is ….. (drum roll)…in your career history, state what you did in the job point by point and against each point, state what you achieved.

Achievements can be measured as statistics, or in dollars, ratios – all sorts of metrics. They can also be measured in qualities, such as building relationships, trust and solving problems. It ain’t rocket science.


It’s human nature to think that good professional writers are just waiting by the phone or email (more likely), for your contact. If they’re any good, they will be booked up for at least a week. We knock people back if people ask us produce resumes and cover letters 48 hours out from a deadline. They are setting themselves up to fail.

Most resume writers work on a first come, first served basis. There is no queue jumping. They will want timely information from you. Expect to be hit by emails wanting information and for professionalism’s sake, don’t break deadlines.

Put your best foot forward

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