Working in partnership

Congratulations! You’re graduating and want a resume writer

For many tertiary students and that includes TAFE SA, working with a resume writer will be their first taste of non-negotiable deadlines and meeting the professional expectations of others.

If the resume writer is any good (that’s a subject in itself), he or she will be very busy but most will do what they can to help graduating students.

Here’s a couple of hints for students to make it easier:

Always send your latest resume, even if it’s a few years old, with the first contact.

Have a clear idea of the job you want to apply for.

If the job has been advertised, send the job link.

Give the resume writer at least a week to meet the position deadline.

Meet the reply deadlines set by the resume writer.

Apply for one job at a time.

A couple of things not to do:

Fail to send your old or current resume when you said you would.

Be vague or unclear about the job you want to apply for. Do research.

Put your best foot forward

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