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Republic Resumes writes LinkedIn sites after we have created the resume. LinkedIn is useful for midcareer professionals, rather than graduates, unless your field or discipline is in high demand.

This story is from Forbes Magazine. It’s a succinct piece on the importance of the summary.

 “Over the past decade, I have read tens of thousands of LinkedIn profiles as part of the work I do to help companies maximise the value of LinkedIn.

Your profile is important to your career success (it is often people’s first impression of you), so you should make more than a cursory attempt to get it right.

In fact, an incomplete or unimpressive profile will work against you, telling decision makers “stay away” rather than “get to know this person.” To build a compelling profile, four components are important to personal branding:

  • Headline
  • Headshot
  • Summary
  • Background

Your LinkedIn Summary is the place where you tell your story. Don’t confuse it with the Experience section. In the Experience section, you share facts about what you do and all your accomplishments. In the Summary, your accomplishments are key to the story.

The Summary should share your professional values, passions and strengths.

The first few lines are absolutely critical. They’re the only thing viewers see when they first look at your profile. This means the words need to be so magnetic and enticing that they make the reader click on “show more” to get the whole story.”

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