Credentials, licences and tickets

For tradies, make sure those titles are true

Writing employment documents with clients is good fun. It’s very pleasing when they get short-listed for work and then nail the job interview.

This story is about ‘red flags’ in resumes. They alert recruiters that something is not right.

The first red flag is stating a title when it’s not a fact.

If you write you are an electrician, you need to have completed a Certificate III in Electrotechnology and an apprenticeship.

You’ll also need a licence to practice. If you haven’t got those qualifications, you’re not an electrician.

It means you are not qualified to sign off on the job and state the work meets Australian Standards. It may mean the work cannot be insured.

To a lesser degree, the same applies to people who call themselves project managers. This is quite common in the solar installation industry.

Recruiters will look for either a diploma or a degree in Project Management.

They want to know you know about quality cycles, feedback loops, scoping out projects, training competencies, conducting risk assessments and much more.

Australia has gone mad on credentials but for some jobs, you need them.

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