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Deadline breakers terminated

Everyone has an excuse for breaking writing deadlines.

The dog died. Too busy, Car accident. Sick uncle. Dog ate it (same dog). Computer failure. Wedding anniversary. Alien invasion. We’ve heard them all. We’ve even had people who hire us and then go on holiday!

Even if people make an enquiry about getting a resume written and they can’t send us their old resume within the time frame we ask, we terminate the enquiry. Why? We know from experience they will break deadlines when it comes to drafting the product.

We run a deadline-focused business and we’re trying to get you a job.

Once you’re terminated, we will never work with you again.

We’re former senior recruiters, journalists and professional writers, who work closely with recruiters and employers.

Break deadlines without notification and we terminate immediately. Why?

  1. It shows the client isn’t professional.
  2. It shows he or she can’t manage their time.
  3. It shows getting a job is low on their list of priorities.
  4. It disrespects the writer or writers.
  5. It attacks our business model.
  6. It wastes time we could have spent helping people who are desperate to get a job.

Break a deadline and you’re history.

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