Plot and plan

Create a job strategy young job seekers

How to find a job in the City of Churches when you don’t have a posh surname, didn’t go to a private school and your Dad isn’t an investment banker? Here are a few tips. If you want your resume written in partnership with me, you know what to do. But there are other things to consider such as creating a job strategy.

Look good online

Ask yourself, ‘what is your unique selling point?’ Why should a business hire you? A nice smile isn’t going to cut it . You need skills. Write down what your unique selling point is. Mine? I get people short listed for jobs through the use of the latest propaganda and persuasion techniques.

Include education and volunteer work. Highlight your sporting and academic achievements (if you’ve got any). Why not get a 70 word testimonial from a former teacher or employer?

Searching for roles

This is the bit that will give you the prunes but perseverance is key. Weirdly, the more jobs you apply for, the better your applications will be. Adelaide is a hard nut to crack, in large part due to the economy, nepotism and recruiters. Where possible go around recruiters and apply direct to the employer.

Seek has about 70 per cent of all jobs listed but also go direct to employer websites. Use personal networks and harass people (in a nice way). Many jobs aren’t even advertised. You hear about them on the ‘grapevine’, which means through mates.

Don’t forget about apprenticeships and traineeships. GTO’s place apprentices and trainees with a range of small and large host businesses who provide on-the-job training. Check out the Group Training Australia website (search by city).


Scary shit. You’ll get fobbed off heaps of times but every now and then someone will say, “yeah, I’ve got ten minutes, come in and hit me with your best shot.” They might not have a vacancy straight up but if they say ‘they’ll keep you in mind’, ring them in two weeks’ time. Then ring them again.

Making a phone call

Complete waste of time. You’ll be fobbed off.

Did I mention perseverance?


Put your best foot forward

Malcolm builds expert resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which unleash an unbeatable business case to promote you as a ‘must have’ asset to an employer.