"Like burning $100 notes"

Death to the scam resume copy and pasters

Adelaide is infected with dodgy resume writer ‘Copy and Pasters’. Use these shonks and you’ll burn $100 notes.

Below is a real life example. The ‘resume writer’ has tried to build a career history. They’ve used the ‘ing’ verb form – the present participle – at the start of every sentence which is bizarre. Some sentences have full stops, while others don’t.

Note something curious? This is a position description rather than a list of duties with achievements set against them. It’s hard not to laugh over sentences such as “Showing industry proficiency to successfully work with tools…”

Current-2016, Caravan Park Managers, xxxxxx, Adelaide

Providing expertise and understanding regarding key industry legislation and compliance requirements, including the Residential Parks Tenancies Act

Remaining professional when representing the business, ensuring to provide excellent and memorable customer service that results in repeat and referral business for the organisation

Undertaking key responsibility for the management of staff and the organisation of rosters.

Cultivating and maintaining working relationships with key stakeholders through networking, working with colleagues and other industry professionals, and working closely with permanent residents, site licence agreements, and tourists

Showing industry proficiency to successfully work with tools, technology and software to increase productivity and potential engagement, including working closely with third party booking channels.

Handling an array of peripheral tasks within the role, including marketing and social media, payment of wages, ongoing reporting, and administrative duties as required.

People pay $300-$400.00 for this ‘Copy and Paste’ tripe. It’s embarrassing, unprofessional and no employer or recruiter will touch it.

My blog is widely read. If you have any Adelaide-based resume or cover letter horror stories, please email me some examples with your experience. I will do a story for The Advertiser.

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