Save yourself time and money

Check the job criteria before contacting us

We often get requests to update a resume and draft a cover letter, in partnership with the client, to apply for a specific position.

In a few cases, the client hasn’t looked or doesn’t realise they don’t have the ESSENTIAL experience or a key qualification.

It’s important the client checks they are the right fit for the job. That means reading the position description closely.

If an applicant doesn’t possess 85 per cent of the ESSENTIAL criteria, they are wasting their time and money.

The application will sink like a stone, even if Shakespeare did the co-writing.

When recruiters and employers state ESSENTIAL, they’re not joking. There’s little ‘wriggle room’.

Clients also ask us whether we think they’d be a ‘good fit’, based on their resume, for a certain position.

We can’t answer that because it’s ‘leading the client’.

It could be considered that we are advising the client to apply for a job, based on our monetary gain.

Other ‘professional’ writers may do that but ethically, that’s not our scene.

Objectively assess the job criteria in light of one’s experience, qualifications, skills and capabilities.

You’ll save yourself, time, money and frustration.

Put your best foot forward

Malcolm builds expert resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which unleash an unbeatable business case to promote you as a ‘must have’ asset to an employer.