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Building a better life before burnout

As an Adelaide professional resume writer, whether writing resumes, features and backgrounders, I hear stories of burn out every week.

People working too hard or working with organisational bullies and psychopaths.

A study by the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization found that working at least 55 hours a week was causing hundreds of thousands of premature deaths and was linked to a higher risk of stroke and heart disease.

Tell us something we didn’t know. Ask doctors, carers, nurses and teachers, as all suffer high risk of burnout.

Burnout covers a host of symptoms caused by an overwhelming, stressful environment, including fatigue, muscle aches, headaches and stomach issues, as well as listlessness and loss of motivation.

There’s also the opposite, Boreout. Where you feel consistently underchallenged or underworked.

An emotionally rewarding job you love is also not necessarily a shield against burning out, as Tara Lewis discovered after working as a paramedic for 16 years, before leaving.

She loved being a paramedic but over the years, the number of callouts soared and increasingly she had to deal with social issues, rather than medical emergencies.

She took time off work and trained as a beauty therapist.

“I really enjoy it. It gave me a different focus. I was self-employed, so I could have control over it.”

“I work with a lovely bunch of people and have a good laugh. I have time to enjoy life, spend time with my kids and with my husband.”

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