Selection criteria - advice and editing only

Selection criteria and Republic closed until Friday

Because we write unique and tailored-made resumes and cover letter, we often get booked out early in the week.

Some of our clients come from businesses we have relationships with, so we may get three or four clients in one hit on top of the current workload.

It’s a good idea to contact us early in the week or even on the weekend.

Selection criteria

We’ve had a few people ask us to write selection criteria.

We don’t write them because recruiters and employers really want you to write them. It’s an ethics issue.

Also, we can’t get inside your head to answer questions which require context and demonstrated results. That’s a philosophical issue.

A good recruiter can also tell when a professional writer has written it. It’s far better to have a crack yourself.

We offer advice and editing on selection criteria for a fee (POA).

Republic Resumes will reopen on Friday morning at 8.00am.

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