Go local for a resume writer every time

Adelaide jobs and shonky interstate writers

In the last month, I had to rewrite two resumes from people who went to shonky writers, who allegedly were trading out of Adelaide.

One was in Queensland and the other in Perth.

There has been an influx of dodgy interstate resume writers, who deliver sham products, leaving the client out of pocket.

Here are some things to look out for:

If they use a 1300 number, there’s a very high chance they’re not local.

They trick Google into showing their business in Adelaide, when it’s interstate.

Pick a local writer who knows the Adelaide and South Australian economy.

If people don’t return your call or email within four or five hours, that often means they’re working two jobs.

You want a dedicated, professional resume writer. Not a part timer.

Beware if they offer packages. If you only want your resume written, they’ll try to sell you a generic cover letter, a LinkedIn site and a raft of interview training modules.

You’re consigning your employment future to a ‘copy and paste’ franchise. Avoid.

Professional writers use a drafting system. If the business you’ve contacted doesn’t show you drafts of the resume or cover letter within a 24-48 hour period, go elsewhere.

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