Fees and Services

I am an accredited resume writer with 20 years experience in HR and journalism. I have first hand experience in the Adelaide and Melbourne job markets.

I offer a personal service with the sole aim of getting you a job interview. I use my national marketing and professional writing skills to ensure your resume lands on the ‘Must Interview’ pile. We operate at about a 70 per cent interview rate, contingent on the industry.

I mainly write for South Australians and Victorians, although I also help people from other states. Much of the work is online but where I can, I still meet people in person.

Most resumes take two to three drafts and about five working days to complete. We don’t do rush jobs. Resume writing requires timely information from the client within 24 hours.

  • The average cost for a resume is between $200.00-$300.00. Corporate and senior public service resumes start at $300.00.
  • Selection criteria: $30.00 per criterion to a maximum of $400. They require prior preparation and for the client to sit with me.
  • Cover letters: $75.00 for a one-page letter.
  • LinkedIn sites (after a resume has been completed): $100.00
  • Interview skill training: $100 per hour

I have a special interest in helping tradesmen and women, older job seekers and the long term unemployed. I employ a graphic designer for specialist jobs.

Helpful hint: write all of your ‘wins’ down and go back six years. A ‘win’ is a success – where you (or as part of a team) had a good result. Facts and figures are the basis of a good resume. It will save the resume writer time and therefore money.