'Avoid like Covid-19'

Dodgy resume writing mills

Lets talk about resume mills because there is one which states it operates in of Adelaide but is based interstate (they’ve black hatted Google Maps).

A resume mill  – usually a franchise – has a call centre and has hired some uni students or faceless people to flog their writing services in packages.

They call these packages something like, ‘the diamond package’, ‘the gold package’ or ‘the silver package.’ Often, they’re the same thing: a resume, a cover letter and a LinkedIn site.

They cut and paste pre-written text in to resumes and cover letters – which they’ve done thousands of times before – and do incredible brand damage to their clients.

Recruiters easily spot these template resumes and most are never read.

The business often has the name of the city in their title such as Resumes Adelaide or Adelaide CV, even though they may be operating 1000 kilometres away.

They know nothing about the local employment conditions. They know nothing about new businesses being established or current events in Adelaide or South Australia.

Their products are littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. Many are non-sensical. They use templates from Google.

They make ridiculous claims such as “The days of fact-based resumes are largely over…” and bald-faced lies such as “80 per cent of their clients get a job three months”, rather than job interviews. It’s BS and they know it’s BS.

One resume writing business was a front for a labour hire service for a contact centre in the Philippines. Bonkers.

Even their websites have spelling and grammar mistakes. One can’t spell the words ‘professional’ or ‘privacy’. It’s like burning $100 notes.

They take the logos on national corporations and use them without the owner’s permission.

Many of their Google reviews are written by employees or friends of employees. Their reviews are old and every now and then an angry client will leave a stinging review such as:

“This is a complete work of fiction. You can’t go making things up”

Avoid them like Covid-19.

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